Special Programs:

Telehealth Monitoring:
A monitor is installed in your home and demonstrated for you by one of our nurses. It's an extremely easy to use monitor that takes daily measurements of vital signs and only takes 3 minutes.

The monitor measures weight, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels plus any specific measurements depending on health conditions. Once the data is collected it is analyzed by a Registered Nurse. They review the data daily and will call if any of the data falls outside of parameters set by your physician. This service is provided to qualifying patients at no extra cost while you are a patient of the agency. Other individuals have the option of being monitored at a nominal fee.

Balance and Beyond:
Our rehabilitation team assesses and treats patients with gait and balance disorders.

Vestibular Therapy:
Our therapy staff has complete training in treating patients with dizziness and other vestibular disorders.

Aquatic Therapy – for patients who need decreased weight/load bearing, perfect for patients with Fibromyalgia, MS, Stroke, Balance disorders, upper and lower extremity dysfunction and more.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy (E-stim)- benefits include: pain relief, edema reduction, muscle stimulation for muscle contration and relaxation and increased blood flow.

Ultrasound Therapy– decreases pain, decreases inflammation, increases joint mobility and muscle flexibility
Vital Stim - to treat dysphagia when used in combination with traditional Speech Therapy to strengthen muscles, restore function and help the brain “re-map” swallowing at an accelerated pace.